Are you a real estate investor? Looking to buy property? We provide real estate leads of people motivated to sell their property. People who may be going through divorce, have tax liens, being sued or some other hardship.
Provide a win/win situation where they can reduce their burden and you can invest.

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If you had access to thousands of FRESH leads every month how that would affect your business?

According to many reports we are in the biggest Bull Market in history.

What does that mean for the average real estate investor and realtors out there, it means that the market is saturated with lots of investors, retail buyers and realtor looking to score their next deal. It is becoming harder and harder to find that deal or client wanting to sell their home. To find those clients and deal is best to look off the current market. Just knocking doors and calling off yellow pages and hoping to find that deal is like finding a needle in a haystack. What's best way is to find people that are motivated to sell their property? It's to find those that are in some sort of hardships such as bankruptcy, divorces, probates, tax liens, evictions, debt collections and much more. These are motivated sellers and sometimes can’t see a way out and they don’t know that you can help them out of their tough situation. Last month there were over 7,000 case filings in Utah alone that would fall into one of those categories.

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What Silverback Leads has done, is automate the process of sifting through all those potential leads and identify if they own real estate, what’s their full names, addresses. If you had access to thousands of FRESH leads every month how that would affect your business?

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Each lead will come with Name, address, reason for hardship, parcel number, market access value, year built, square footage, and a link to the county assessors’ site with all the property info.

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